Inkjet is a basic and more traditional expression technique in the advertising industry, it has the irreplaceable characteristics and advantages of other expression methods. Compared with other hand-painted techniques, its performance is more delicate and real, and it can
The super-realistic representation of objects achieves the effect of a fake and real picture.

The advertising industry is actually an ancient industry, from the
Signs to modern paint hand-painted signs, all belong to the category of advertising production. It’s just that with the development of technology, the industry has fundamentally changed, mainly reflected in the changes in the screen production method. paint hand painted sign.It is completely manual operation, coupled with the performance limitations of the paint itself, the screen is displayed. It is blunt, rough, and unsightly, and the quality cannot be guaranteed. appeared later
Compared with hand-painted paint, screen printing is in the picture
There has been a great progress in the effect, but due to the interference of plate making and other processes. The cost is too high in batches, and the technology is still not good enough for large-format printing.
It is also difficult to ensure that the color is uniform and accurate.

With computer technology  introduction of , the situation has been greatly improved. Inkjet printers make full use of electronic. The advantages of control, chemical and other industries make traditional production methods impossible to compare. In contrast, bright colors, long shelf life, independent of format and batch Limitations, diversified production methods, low cost, and short production cycle. 
In just a few years, the inkjet printer has become popular everywhere.