There are many different materials for mobile phone cases, and the UV ink medium has a wide adaptability, and the UV inkjet printing method will definitely be thought of. The UV inkjet printing method has a simple process, wide adaptability to mobile phone materials, and can also print embossed and 3D three-dimensional effects, which further meets people’s needs for personalized patterns of mobile phone cases, and has become the first choice for inkjet printing mobile phone cases in the market. This method has a relatively high investment threshold and is suitable for mass production and factory-type customer groups.

UV Flatbed printer print phone case , It can print a variety of colorful personalized patterns, subverting the traditional mobile phone case market. The mobile phone case with personalized pattern is the sweet pastry on the market. More and more people like to DIY their own mobile phone case, and customize the mobile phone case according to the customer’s DIY pattern. The inkjet method is the best solution. In the future, the mobile phone case will be inkjet. The printing market share will be larger and larger.

Fortune UV flatbed printer available print phone case , stable and high drop printing CMYK Lc Lm White Varnish .