Daily maintenance

Start every morning to clean the ink stack scraper, to prevent the scraper from drying in the case of not working at night, which will produce particles, causing the scratching ink to scratch on the surface of the nozzle, resulting in a plug, Note: Clean it with cleaning liquid (if you want to clean the nozzle, pay attention to the nozzle not to clean up together to prevent blockage) !!!

Manual cleaning

Detect nozzle status (spray confirmation print status full pin archive)

Normal production

Shutdown steps

Print nozzle status (confirm full pin status archive)

Off software

Wait for the machine self-test action to complete, the ink pad and nozzle seal moisturized

Off software  

At night, the machine does not work, the large ink cartridge valve is closed, and the ink pump snap can be stuck, (to prevent drainage)

Off computer

Equipment should be kept clean and tidy every day