Ensure the working environment of the machine: protected from light, dust, temperature 18°C-28°C, humidity 40%-70%.

When the machine has no order, there are personnel conditions to ensure that the machine is turned on once a day, print 1200x500mm black, blue, red and yellow colors, color blocks, and check the nozzle state full of needles, shut down (to prevent ink precipitation deterioration caused by weakness.

X-axis rails rub a small amount of low-fat lubricating oil every month for maintenance and instant cleaning of machine lifting platforms and scrapers as well as waste ink.

If there is no personnel condition for more than 7 days to do the following operation and maintenance:

Open the machine to clean the scraper – clean the waste ink bin, clean the waste ink barrel.

Open the machine to open the software, draw ink for 20 seconds, clean once, play a complete test strip to save the file.

Click on the ink extraction 30s in the software to see the waste ink flow down, turn off the machine.

The ink pump snap is stuck, the waste ink pipe is tied with a cable tie, and the large ink cartridge valve is closed (to prevent the ink from leaking.

The trolley front is covered with black or opaque material, and the indoor temperature is best controlled at 18-26.

Turn off the power of the machine, turn off the software computer and voltage regulator, and do a good job of dust protection.