For the daily ink-jet printing of the photo machine, when the ink is used in winter, the viscosity of the ink will increase after the temperature is reduced, which will make its fluidity worse, thus affecting the normal ink-jet printing of the photo machine. Here, users of piezoelectric photo machines are reminded to pay attention to the use of the ink in the low temperature environment in winter.

In winter, the general temperature in the north and south regions drops in different procedures, even at low temperatures. When the temperature drops, the physical and chemical parameters of ink will also change and be affected. For example, after the temperature is reduced, the viscosity of the ink will increase, making its fluidity worse, so that the normal ink output of the nozzle will be affected during printing. For example, the horizontal path (white path) appears on the print screen or the ink breaks frequently during printing. In serious cases, fatigue damage to the internal structure of the nozzle will also occur.

1: Purchasing and using original ink

Ink is one of the main consumables of the photo machine. It is very important to purchase and stock ink to avoid unexpected needs! First of all, in terms of ink selection, we should choose the ink suitable for winter use. It is recommended to purchase the original ink of the photo machine. We should refuse to use inferior and unknown brand ink. We should not try to buy inferior ink for cheap. We will always get what we want. Therefore, if we do not use the original ink of the photo machine, we can not enjoy the warranty service of the photo machine, but also can not let the inkjet printing get the correct color restoration! Therefore, it is recommended to purchase high-quality original ink!

2: Correct storage of ink

The ink storage should pay attention to thermal insulation, especially in the northern cold regions. If the storage space does not have such moisture conditions, it is recommended to install heating or air conditioning. It is better to keep the storage environment temperature at 15-30 ℃ and air humidity at 25-70% to ensure the normal storage of ink.

3: The working environment of the photo machine should be kept at normal room temperature

The working environment of the photo machine The temperature and humidity in the printing room should be kept at 18-27 ℃, and the relative humidity should be within the ideal range of 35% – 80%. At the same time, it is recommended that the power supply of the printer be properly grounded. Especially in the cold and low temperature areas in the north, you can improve the working environment temperature of the printer through air conditioning or heating. If the printer is prone to break lines, ink flying and other problems due to the low ambient temperature and the rising ink viscosity, try to increase the nozzle voltage to gradually try to achieve a better printing effect by+0.2V nozzle voltage each time. Please pay attention to the upper limit of the nozzle voltage and control the nozzle drive voltage within the highest limit. If you are not clear about the voltage safety limit of the printing head, please consult the relevant technicians for detailed operation and solutions, or adopt other relevant methods to solve the impact of the ink on the photo printer printing in the cold winter climate.