3.3meter with double RICOH GEN5  print head, print width is 3200mm, . media thickness Max 3mm,4 pass print speed  can be up to 90m*2/h,  Print  resolution up to1800dpi. print mode is double CMYK,RIP software  is  Ultra Print V4.4 YIFANG Version /Photoprint/maintop. Ink type is sublimation  Ink, Printing file format is  BMP/TIFF/PDF/JPEG.The  machine size 5.4m(L)*1.3m(W)*1.7(H)/2000KG

1. constant tension high -precision take up system to ensure accurate and smooth release cloth,

2. Oil type large roller heating transfer printer make color more brighter, environmental protection.

3. three rows of print head double CMYK LcLm

4. product application national flag, advertisement ,beach flag,curtain, bed sheets.