Fortune YF-2512F LED UV Flatbed Printer

Print area 2500 mm x 1200mm
Media thickness max.100 mm
Ricoh Gen. 5 industrial grade print heads
7 colors printing supported ( C,M,Y,K,LC,LM,W)
Grayscale 7pl – 21pl ink droplet size respectively
Built-in media height measurement
Print resolutions up to 1200 dpi
Vibration free water cooled LED curing.
4 zoned vacuum sections

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Ricoh UV Flatbed Printer YF-2512F is a middle-class UV flatbed printer with Ricoh Gen5 printhead, which industrial  printing technology and various white printing model! It can be adopted max 8 pcs industrial Ricoh Gen5 printhead ( Konica, Kyocera printhead is optional) .The head has two channels can use in 1/2 color. The print mode can be 4C/6C/4C+W/6C+W/4C+W+V/6C+W+V. Our FORTUNE UV printer is a type of high-precision light- weighted UV flatbed printer specially designed for personalized processing enterprises to meet their high accuracy and personalized requirements. Equipped with 2-9 Ricoh GEN5 grey-scale piezoelectric print heads, the printer can print in high-speed as well as high-precision in 4-7 colors 720*1800 DPI. In addition, the optional white ink mode and varnish mode also light up the multi-function, make more real image and more applications.

1, German IGUS chain and high-flex cable

Germany IGUS towline and high-flex cable, anti-wear, anti-return performance has reached international standards. Effectively extend the life of the towline and cable, using 5 times the time of ordinary towline and cable.

2. Stable vacuum system

Size scale location system and sectional suction & blowing system: to accurately locate the materials.

4. Imported servo integrated motor

This machine is equipped with 3 imported servo integrated motors, X-axis trolley motor and double Y-axis screw guide motor. The servo integrated motor fully guarantees the accuracy of the mechanical movement of the machine in the X-axis and Y-axis direction, greatly reducing the physical factors affecting the printing accuracy, thereby improving the printing accuracy.

5. Double suction vacuum

The double vacuum has stronger adsorption force, and can easily adsorb the easily deformed material on the platform to ensure the flatness of the printed material, thereby improving the precision of the printing, and avoiding the arching of the temperature-deformed material, resulting in the scraping nozzle.

7. LED curing UV lamp: It offers energy saving and a long service life.

8. Unique ink supply system

It adopts 8 large-capacity ink cartridges for humanized drawing and refilling. Apply white ink mixing system and lack of ink alarm system. Instantly monitor ink usage.

6. Double Y-axis + Double screw drive: replay belt and more stable.


Model YF-2512F UV Flatbed Printer
Printhead Ricoh GEN5 Grey Level Industrial Print Head
Print Head number 3—8
Print Mode (3 Printheads) CMYK + w
(4 Printheads) CMYK + 2W, CMYY + CMYK, CMYK LCLM +W, CMYK +W +V
(5 Printheads) CMYK + w, CMYK LCLM + 2W, CMYK + 2W +V, CMYK + SM +SY +W, CMYKLCLM+W +V
(6 Printheads) CMYK + 2W, CMYK + CMYK + 2W, CMYK + W +V, CMYK LCLM +2W + v, CMYK+SM +SY +2W1
(7 Printheads) CMYK +2W + v, CMYK +SM +SY +WI
(8 Printheads) CMYK +SM +SY + 2w, CMYK + CMYK, CMYK + CMYK + CMYK + CMYK
Print Width 2400MM*1300MM
Print Speed
4 pass 40㎡/H
6 pass 34㎡/H
8 pass 20㎡/H
Print Resolution 720*1800 DPI
Media Type Glass,Arylic, Wood, Ceramic, Metal Sheet, PVC Sheet, Plastic etc.
Media Thickness Max.80 mm
Ink Type UV  Curing Ink(None VOC)
Special Ink Optional White Ink or Varnish
Curing System LED Curing Light (Low heat, environmental protection, energy saving, long life)
File Format TIFF/PDF/JPEG/EPS/AI/Adobe Postscript Level 3
RIP Photoprint/Onyx/Caldera/Colorget
Data Connector USB 3.0
Power 220VAC(±10%) Single Phase,50/60 HZ
Power Consumption 5.5KW(30A)
Machine Size 4750MM(L)*2100M(W)/1400(H)/1500KG
Packing Size 4900MM(L)*2280MM(H)*1750MM(H)
Environment Requirement separated, clean, low dust, well-ventilated
environmental temperature:20℃-30℃
relative humidity:40%-60% (Non-condensation)
ventilating device: overhead exhaust fan is recommended, gas displacement:600cfm


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