Fortune YF-2512KR UV Flatbed and roll printer

Print area 2500 mm x 1200 mm
Ricoh G5/G6 heads optional
Integrate flatbed & roll to roll platform
High resolution automatic height detection & anti-collisionsystem
Color-White-Color & Color-White-Varnish solutions for optional
Double Y-axis +Double screw drive.imported DC srvo motor.
Can click flat & roll printing modeon computer conveniently
Configure two large diameter rubber rollers
4 zoned vacuum sections






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Fortune YF-2512KR UV LED flatbed and roll printer available Ricoh Gen5 and Gen6 print head , printing size is 2500*1200mm. Integrate flatbed & roll to roll platform.Configure two large diameter rubber rollers.

1.Color White Varnish syn output. Greatly improving the production capacity of special printing process.

2.Automatic Height Measurement System Anti-collision Sensor Eliminate the procedure that we measure thickness by ourselves . The safety anti-crash sensor can detect the media circumstance before hand and protect the print heads from a crush hazard.

3.Aluminum Alloy secondary ink cartridge Own constant temperature system,it can fully guarantee the smoothness of ink, and endurance of printing even in low temperature enviroment.

4.High quality rubber rollers to confirm high accuracy printing Guarantee the material not wrinkled and off-track,realize the quantitative production

5.Configure two large diameter rubber rollers To ensure materials receive well , no wrinkle and run off.

6.Double suction Vacuum Double Vacuum has stronger adsorption force and can easily deformed material on the platform to ensure the flatness of the printed material .,impove the precision of the printing

7.Imported industrial X/Y Axis Servo Motor The motor fully guarantees the accuracy if the mechanical movement of the machine in X/Y asis direction

8.Unique ink supply system It adopts 8 large capacity ink cartridges for humanized drawing and refilling, Apply white ink mixing system and lack of ink alarm system,instantly monitor ink usage.

9.Double Y-Axis and screw The machine Y-Axis transmission direction adopts double screw rod and double guide rail ,improve the precision of the printed picture and ensure the high strength long time production precision

10.Heavy industrial grade mechanical structure It adopts pure steel structure and is processed by large scale gantry milling machine to ensure the flatness of the mechanical structure ,the whole structure is subjected to high temperature annealing treatment to ensure that the frame is not deformed,and the aacuracy error is guaranteed within 10 wires.



Model YF-2512KR UV Flatbed Printer
Printhead Ricoh Gen5 Grey Level Industrial Print Head
Print Head number 2-8
Print Mode (4 Printheads) CMYK
(5 Printheads) CMYK + w
(6 Printheads) CMYK + 2W, CMYK LC LM
(7 Printheads) CMYK +3W, CMYK LC LM+W
(8 Printheads) CMYK +CMYK
Print Width 2500MM*1200MM
Print Speed
4 pass 22㎡/H
6 pass 18㎡/H
8 pass 12㎡/H
Print Resolution 720*1800 DPI
Media Type Glass, Acrylic, Wood, Ceramic, Metal Sheet, PVC Sheet, Plastic , light box,  banner , vinyl , soft film and etc.
Media Thickness Max.80 mm
Ink Type UV  Curing Ink(None VOC)
Special Ink Optional White Ink or Varnish
Curing System UV LED Curing Light (Low heat, environmental protection, energy saving, long life)
File Format TIFF/PDF/JPEG/EPS/AI/Adobe Postscript Level 3
RIP Photoprint/Onyx/Caldera/Colorget
Data Connector USB 3.0
Power 220VAC(±10%) Single Phase,50/60 HZ
Power Consumption 5.5KW(30A)
Machine Size 4750 MM(L)*2300 MM(W)/*1500 MM(H)
Packing Size 5000 MM(L)*2600 MM(H)*1800 MM(H)
Environment Requirement separated, clean, low dust, well-ventilated
environmental temperature:20℃-30℃
relative humidity:40%-60% (Non-condensation)


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