Fortune YF-2513KM LED UV Flatbed Printer

Print area 2500 mm x 1300mm
Media thickness max.100 mm
Konica 1024i industrial grade print heads
Built-in media height measurement
Print resolutions up to 720dpi
Vibration free water cooled LED curing.
4 zoned vacuum sections

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Fortune Konica series YF-2513KM UV flatbed printer use konica1024i Grayscale print heads, variable drop size from 6pl to 18pl,which print resolution up to 726*1440 dpi. It can provide high-speed printing and high print resolution ! The KM1024i can stably emit a variety of industrial inks, and its nozzles are constructed with excellent ink resistance.

It is constructed to achieve ink circulation and can be used for inks that are easy to precipitate.

1. Automatic height detection system: can directly test the materials thickness through the software. Easy to operate.

2. Size scale location system and sectional suction & blowing system: to accurately locate the materials.

3. High resolution integrated cellular platform: to insure the resolution and bear heavier materials

4.LED curing UV lamp: It offers energy saving and a long service life.

5. Anti collision device in the head carriage: the carriage will stop automatically when it touches the material higher than the carriage to protect the printhead

6. Double Y-axis + Double screw drive: replay belt and more stable

7.Imported Spare Parts

It adopts imported servo motors, guarantee mechanical precision and long duration working. X-axias equipped with Germany imported IGUS Drag Chain that is ideal protection for data cables and ink tubes under high speed printing model.

8.Color&White&Varnish syn output :White ink and spot color printout same time function.

9. Ink tank heating system

10.Sectional suction &blowing function

There are 3 vacuum suction areas for fix rigid material printing and the other one is for flexible material printing. We can adjust and control the suction area or suction strength to ensure various materials remain in the best condition while printing.

UV Flatbed Printer can be used for various industries, such as advertising industry , sign industry, house decorating industry, electronic 3C products and Gift packing industrial.


Model YF-2513FKM UV Flatbed Printer
Printhead Konica 1024i Grey Level Industrial Print Head
Print Head number 4—16
Print Mode (4 Printheads) CMYK
(5 Printheads) CMYK + w
(6 Printheads) CMYK + 2W, CMYK LC LM
(7 Printheads) CMYK +3W, CMYK LC LM+W
(8 Printheads) CMYK +CMYK
Print Width 1800MM*1000MM
Print Speed
4 pass 40㎡/H
6 pass 34㎡/H
8 pass 20㎡/H
Print Resolution 720*1800 DPI
Media Type Glass, Acrylic, Wood, Ceramic, Metal Sheet, PVC Sheet, Plastic, etc.
Media Thickness Max.80 mm
Ink Type UV  Curing Ink(None VOC)
Special Ink Optional White Ink or Varnish
Curing System UV LED Curing Light (Low heat, environmental protection, energy saving, long life)
File Format TIFF/PDF/JPEG/EPS/AI/Adobe Postscript Level 3
RIP Photoprint/Onyx/Caldera/Colorget
Data Connector USB 3.0
Power 220VAC(±10%) Single Phase,50/60 HZ
Power Consumption 5.5KW(30A)
Machine Size 3500MM(L)*1700M(W)/1400(H)/1500KG
Packing Size 3700MM(L)*1900MM(H)*1700MM(H)
Environment Requirement separated, clean, low dust, well-ventilated
environmental temperature:20℃-30℃
relative humidity:40%-60% (Non-condensation)


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