Fortune YF-3200Z UV RTR Printer

  • 3m(10 feet) printing width
  • Max 1800dpi resolution
  • Ricoh Gen5 print head installed
  • Auto-height measurement system
  • Eco-friendly LED UV lamp curing system
  • 8 colors C,M,Y,K,LC,LM,W,V printing ( Varnish is optional)
  • Heavy heating soft film roller
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1.Machine Parameter

3.3 meter with 2-8 RICOH GEN5 industrial grayscale print head,print width is 3200mm, . media thickness Max 3mm,4 pass print speed  can be up to 68m*2/h,  Print  resolution up to 720*1800dpi. print mode is 4C/6C/4C+W+V

RIP software  is   /Photoprint/Onyx/Caldera/Colorget. Ink type is  UV Curing Ink white ink or varnish, Printing file format is  TIFF/PDF/JPEG/EPS/AI/Adobe Postscripe Level 3.

The  machine size 5.4m(L)*1.3m(W)*1.7(H)/2500KG 

2. The automatic height detection system

It”s has automatic height detection system, easier to adjust by different media.

3. Four large diameter rubber roller feeding system

Four large diameter rubber roller eliminate skewing and lead the movement more smoothly and stably without deviation.

4. Water cooling UV LED curing system

Water cooling LED UV light ,enable printing on various types of material.

5.Imported chain & high flexible wires

Use of imported chain & high flexible wires ensure safety and stability at high speed printing.high precision mute linear guide rail ensures a quiet printing environment.

6. Product application

Airport light box advertising, high -speed rail light box advertising,ceiling soft film,background wall,leather, shoes industry.

7.Printing media

Backlit,soft film,light box,3P cloth,Mesh cloth,wallpaper,leather etc


Model YF-3200Z UV Roll to Roll Printer
Printhead Ricoh GEN5 Grey Level Industrial Print Head
Print Head number 2—8
Print Mode 4C/6C/4C+W+4C
Print Width 3200mm
Print Speed
4 pass 40㎡/H
6 pass 34㎡/H
8 pass 26㎡/H
Print Resolution 720*1800 DPI
Media Type Backlit, Soft Film, Light Box,3P Cloth, Mesh Cloth, Wallpaper, Leather etc.
Media Thickness Max 5 mm
Ink Type UV  Curing Ink(None VOC)
Special Ink Optional White Ink or Varnish
Curing System LED Curing Light (Low heat,environmental protection, energy saving, long life)
File Format TIFF/PDF/JPEG/EPS/AI/Adobe Postscript Level 3
RIP Photoprint/Onyx/Caldera/Colorget
Data Connector USB 3.0
Power 220VAC(±10%) Single Phase,50/60 HZ
Power Consumption 3KW(20A)
Machine Size 5400MM(L)*1300MM(W)*1700MM(H)/2500KG
Packing Size 5700MM(L)*1400MM(W)*2000MM(H)
Environment Requirement seperated, clean, low dust, well-ventilated
environmental temperature:20℃-30℃
relative humidity:40%-60% (Non-condensation)
ventilating device:overhead exhaust fan is recommended, gas displacement:600cfm


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