Fortune YF-7590T LED UV Flatbed Printer

Printingarea 750 mm x 900 mm
Media thickness max. 150 mm
Toshiba CE4M industrial grade print heads
Speeds up to 5 ㎡/H
Grayscale 6pl – 42pl ink droplet size
Print resolutions up to 600 dpi
Vibration free water cooled LED curing

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Toshiba UV Flatbed Printer YF-7590T is a middle-class UV flatbed printer with Toshiba CE4M printhead, which industrial printing technology and various white printing model! It can be adopted max 8 pcs industrial Toshiba CE4M printheads. It provides our customers for high-speed printing, high resolution and lower cost for maintenance, at least 8 hours durable working for mess production per day! There is no plate making and MOQ were requested while printing, it can adapt to the various environment.

This flatbed UV printer provides 8 colors (C, M, Y, K, LC, LM, W, V) with the excellent printing quality. It adopted industrial grade Toshiba CE4M print head to improved high production capacity which can be achieved 3m²/h. The LED UV curing lamps can keep your workshop clean, Non-toxic and electric-saving. Compare to the other mercury lamp flatbed printer, it cannot gain you the big profits and also the healthy body!

1. Highly Precise Aluminium alloy Frame Structure And Printing Platform

The Toshiba  UV Flatbed Printer YF-7590T applied all Aluminium Alloy frame structure for machine body; better-structured frame made it highly stable and high precision that ensures equipment more stable and durable for a long time using. The thickness of the structure over 10mm, to forge the frame, the temperature should reach 800℃. Compared with the normal printer, Fortune 7590T UV Flatbed Printer at least 5-6 years lifetime of the machine.

2. Carriage Anti-Collision System

The Toshiba UV Flatbed Printer YF-7590T equipped with the unique carriage, the anti-collision system which measures the height of materials,  auto-stop to protect print head that avoids to damage print head. After the accurate measuring, it can start working.

3. Imported Spare Parts

The Toshiba UV flatbed printer YF-7590T  adopts imported Servo Motors ( Chinese motor is optional guarantee mechanical precision and long duration working. It also provides high resolution, accurate printing position, high stabilization and longer lifetime.

4. Suction system

There is an independence blower which provides vacuum suction controlling function for Toshiba UV Flatbed Printer YF-7590T; it can fix the materials on the platform, ensure the accuracy of the printing and stability.  This function makes different material printing easier and more efficient.

5. THK Mute Linear Guide Rail

The Toshiba UV Flatbed Printer YF-7590T  adopts imported Highly Precision THK mute linear guide rail that has long service life (more than 10 years without maintenance) and highly stability! It is immensely decrease printing noise which only up to 40Db.

6. The LED UV curing system

The Power of dual LED lamps can be adjusted, which provides excellent UV ink Curing and energy saving. Compared with the mercury lamp, the LED UV light is eco-friendly and non-toxic, it can save your electricity cost at least $2000 per year. The LED UV lamp technology is highly mature, most importantly, it can keep your health during working.

7. LED UV Flatbed Printer can be used for various industries, such as building decoration industry, advertisement industrial,  sign industry, exhibition industry, rigid paperboard packing industry, leather, art-ware industry, furniture industry etc.

Additional Information

Model Flatbed UV Printer YF-7590T
Printhead Toshiba GE4M
Print Head number 2—8
Print Mode (3 Printheads) CMYK + W
(4 Printheads) CMYK + 2W, CMYY + CMYK, CMYK LCLM +W, CMYK +W +V
(5 Printheads) CMYK + w, CMYK LCLM + 2W, CMYK + 2W +V, CMYK +LCLM +2W, CMYKLCLM+W +V
(6 Printheads) CMYK + CMYK + 2W, CMYK + 2W +V, CMYK LCLM +2W + v
(7 Printheads) CMYK+LCLM+2W+2v
Print Width 750 MM*900 MM
Print Speed
4 pass /
6 pass 5 ㎡/H
8 pass 3 ㎡/H
Print Resolution 300 DPI
Media Type Glass, Acrylic, Wood, Ceramic, Metal Sheet, PPC, Plastic Leather, Bottle, etc.
Media Thickness The thickness of materials ≤150mm
Ink Type Eco-friendly UV ink
Special Ink Optional White Ink or Varnish
Curing System UV LED Curing Light (Low-heating, energy-saving, long lifetime)
RIP Photoprint/Onyx/Caldera/Colorget
Data Connector USB 3.0
Power 220VAC(±10%) Single Phase,50/60 HZ
Power Consumption 3.5KW
Machine Size 1965 MM(L)*1620 MM(W)*1330 MM(H)
Packing Size 2150 MM(L)*1830 MM(W)*1530 MM(H)
Environment Requirement separated, clean, low dust, well-ventilated
environmental temperature:20℃-30℃
relative humidity:40%-60% (Non-condensation)


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