YF-1800MH UV Hybrid Stronger body



Ricoh Gen5 and Ricoh Gen6 print head optional

Printing size is 1800mm
Heavy industrial grade mechanical structure
Automatic height detection system
Highly sensitive carriage protection device
Various print model
Roll and flatbed platform

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YF-1800MH UV hybrid printer use Ricoh gen5/Gen6 print head , Available Magnetic levitation linear motor , fast speed and high resolution.

1.YF-1800MH is heavy body machine, with stronger structure and the best raw naterial .

2.Industrial grade heavy duty structure, designed and processed strictly according to industrial grade

3.The front material pressure bar will be linked with the printing system in the future to achieve automatic lifting.

4.Compatible with Ricoh G5 and G6 nozzles at the same time ,can meet different customer needs.

5.Magnetic suspension motor can be selected

6.Both the front and rear unwinding devices adopt air take up shaft and add a group of small roll material unwinding devices

7.Feeding positioning device and four-way material fixing device to meet the simultaneous printing of multiple sizes of materials (can position 1mm plates)

8.Yifang industrial machines all use German IGUS drag chain and wire.

9.Automatic rear bumper device and humanized feeding design.

10.Adopt electric partition device, divided into four areas at the same time, compatible with different width materials.

11.Metal switch and integrated design, high-end and easy to operate.







Machine  YF-1800MH UV Hybrid printer
Print head Ricoh GEN6Gray level piezoelectric nozzle
Head No. 2-8
Print mode 4C/6C/4C+W/6C+W/4C+W+V,Double 4C/6C, 4C/6C+W+4C/6C
Print width 1800mm
 Print speed


4 Pass 25㎡/h
6 Pass 20㎡/h
8 Pass 12㎡/h
Print resolution 720*1800 DPI
Print materials Soft film, coated banner,Acylic、Wooden、Ceramic tiles、3C product and all kinds of rolls and etc.
Print height ≤45mm
Curing system LED water cooling system
RIP Software Photoprint/Onyx/Caldera/Colorget
Data connection USB3.0
Input power 220VAC(±10%) single phase ,50/60 HZ
Power 4KW
Machine size/N W 4.1m(L)*1.45m(W)*1.4m(H)
Packing size/G W 4.3m(L)*1.65m(W)*1.6m(H)


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